The Indian Himalaya offers innumerable, exciting trekking and hiking trails against the backdrop of scenery so breathtaking that it seems almost otherworldly at times. Our custom designed treks graded, easy, moderate, and challenging, depending on the trekker’s fitness levels and endurance, are the perfect way to explore these great mountains. Our exclusive treks in Himachal, Kashmir, Ladakh, Zanskar, Uttranchal and the Northeast Himalaya are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the Himalayan mountains.

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Mountain Climbing is like meditation. The more you focus on the exacting – step by step – quest for the summit, the more your mind and soul purify themselves to rise above the mundane. For us at Mystic Himalayan Trails, there’s no other activity that lets you delve deep into your interiority as the art of Alpinism. When you are one with your mountain- when you push yourself and your craft, acquired through proper training, to achieve these magical elevations above the clouds;- the feeling is incomparable.

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Some say that the age of exploration is over. Our answer to that is an emphatic NO... The vast Himalayan mountain range still conceals within its folds, unseen jewels that to see them is to behold veritable ‘Paradise on Earth.’ Hidden beauties like the upper ‘Bhatori’ valleys of the Pangi Himalaya or the remote valleys of the Kishtwar and Doda Himalaya, with their stunning peaks and glaciers. THIS is our backyard. Join us on one of our exploratory forays into these incredible mountains and be amazed.

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Nick Garbutt

Wild-life Photographer

We firmly believe that people who choose to sign up for our tour packages are quintessentially true adventurers and explorers at heart. They are somewhat tired of their banal, repetitive, mind-numbing routines and hunger for deeper,.....More...

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