Why Us

We expect travellers with MHT to taste the physical and mystical and spiritual landscape of the Himalayas. We firmly believe that people who choose to sign up for our tour packages are quintessentially true adventurers and explorers at heart. They are somewhat tired of their banal, repetitive, mind-numbing routines and hunger for deeper, more lasting truths. They look at their tryst with real adventure to get in touch with their innermost core again. When face to face with the wilderness, most of them realize that as in life, so in Himalayan adventure travel, the real rewards only come when you are willing to push your comfort equation a wee bit.

We believe that out there, not just nature, but through it, the divine too whispers! The gompas that dot the landscape make the barren mountain cliffs look and feel more ethereal. One can see the ease with which the pieces that don’t fit in the city come together that inspires… nature, animals, God and Man. Big fluffy clouds challenging your imagination, vast stretches of colour coordinated mountains, trusting birds flying close to you, crystal clear streams……you can sense the thread that binds them in happy co-existence. It is this mystical connection that you feel that completes your journey into the Himalayas!

Mystical Experience

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